Teenage ‘Bean Bandits’ are the subject of a bizarre TikTok trend, which has resulted in police issuing a warning.


Teenage ‘Bean Bandits’ are the subject of a bizarre TikTok trend, which has resulted in police issuing a warning.

Beaning is a bizarre new craze that has taken over TikTok streams in the UK.

Pranksters, mainly young adults and teenagers, have been spilling entire cans of beans over people’s porches, into their school’s toilets, and onto other property for at least several months.

While the idea isn’t entirely original—it’s comparable to the traditional prank of “egging” a building—the use of baked beans adds a fresh twist to an old joke. Authorities, on the other hand, are speaking out against the trend, telling parents and grocery store employees to be aware of youngsters with huge amounts of canned beans.

The hashtag #beanbandits (together with #beaning, to a lesser extent) appears to be used by persons participating in the craze on TikTok. Videos tagged with #beanbandits have been seen 1.3 million times on the app, with numerous films dating back to April going viral.

Despite the large number of views, though, it’s unclear how prevalent the tendency is. On TikTok, the hashtag #Beanbandits has been used in less than thirty videos, however several others exist under alternative tags.

Beaning videos are mostly the same: one or more of these so-called “bean bandits” will empty cans of beans (usually baked, but not necessarily) over the target area, leaving an obnoxious mess for others to find.

Authorities in the United Kingdom have taken notice of the trend and are warning individuals to be on the lookout for unusual bean-related behavior. “It has brought to the notice of the police that a new fad has started by groups of adolescents called ‘beaning,’” said West Yorkshire Police community support officer Michelle Owens in a statement to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“Youths are tossing the contents of a can of beans over properties, which is quite similar to the habit of throwing eggs at properties,” she explained. “If you work in a store, please be careful of teenagers purchasing big quantities of canned beans, and if you have youngsters living at home, please be aware if you notice them removing canned beans from the family home.”

Beaning appears to have gotten police’s notice last month, though it’s unclear why. This is a condensed version of the information.


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