Summertime blues: 9 ways to get the best out of the extra hour.


Daylight saving time is back. In the early hours of Sunday morning, November 1st, we all get another full hour of 2020 (no, seriously, we get MORE 2020). From then on we all know how it goes. The sun sets early, it gets colder outside, and we won’t see a sunset earlier than 7pm until next year.

Despite the fact that in this chaotic and unpredictable year you have a full 60 minutes more time, you get as many minutes more as Beyoncé (facts). Instead of making fun of the (literally) gloomy times ahead, here are a few things you can do with your extra hour.

Find out about your favorite TV show

Your Netflix queue needs some TLC. Now you have time to shamelessly catch up with The Crown before the fourth season premiere or finally finish Schitt’s Creek. Or both! Or more! Who am I to judge? Stream until Netflix asks if you are really “still watching” and repeat.


No early morning awakening? No problem, because you get that extra hour of guilt-free sleep. And even if you sleep in, you still have plenty of time to get up and conquer the day.


Disconnect for a whole hour and allow yourself a great moment of peace and quiet. Light a candle, listen to quiet music, drink some tea, smear yourself with a facial. Take advantage of the guiltless “you” time you are entitled to with a moment of serenity.

Listen to a podcast

Take a walk outside before the sun goes down, around 2pm, and get lost in a podcast that your friends have begged you to tune into. You’ve probably run out of excuses for not listening in the middle of *vague* gestures anyway.

Check out Ariana Grande’s new album Positionen

So far I have heard only good things.

Actually cooking dinner

If you ordered “Seamless” instead of cooking, you now have time to buy groceries and prepare a real meal on this Sunday. May I recommend a soup or ratatouille? If you don’t know where to start, you might want to venture outside the sourdough appetizer.


Too cold or rainy to go anywhere? Or to let some reading material gather dust? Make yourself comfortable with a book or magazine and lose yourself between the pages.

Clean your home thoroughly

Cleaning and organizing during the work week is such a burden between the desire to relax when you finally log off. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to do a proper job. So why not make this extra hour of 2020 as painful as possible by scrubbing your bathroom?

And finally… knit

I will probably do the same. The sweater weather is here, people, and matching scarves don’t knit themselves!


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