Study: Intermittent fasting not suitable for weight loss?


With intermittent chamfered food is taken only in certain regular distances to itself, frequently with the goal of removing weight. This form of the nutrition became ever more popular in the last years. Besides the special chamfered form with different health advantages is associated, as for example the improvement of heart complaints, the lowering of the Cholesterinspiegel and a better concentration, reports the researchers.

Intermittent chamfered does not lead to a substantially larger weight acceptance than a normal nutrition, with which daily three meals are taken to itself, so the result of a current investigation under participation of researchers of the University OF California, San Francisco. The study was published in the English language journal “JAMA Internal Medicine”.

So-called intermittent chamfering does not seem to help with weight loss according to a current study. But intermittent chamfered has other health advantages.

Temporally limited nutrition
Weight loss through eating for a limited time?

116 people with overweight or obesity participated in the study, which was divided into two groups. There was a control cohort that ate three meals a day. The remaining participants followed a time-limited diet. They could consume food between 12:00 and 20:00, and for the rest of the day these people fasted. During the chamfered the participants were allowed to take only beverages without calories to itself.

The researchers measured not only the weight of the participants, but also the fat and lean mass, the insulin level, glucose, blood sugar as well as energy admission and – consumption during and outside of the chamfered time.

What is intermittent fasting?

Although in the group of intermittently chamfering humans a weight acceptance of 1,17 per cent was to be registered, there was no significant difference in the comparison to the control group, report the specialists. People in the control group lost 0.75 percent of their total weight in the same period.

Temporary food intake seems attractive as an option for simple weight loss, as there is no need for lengthy and time-consuming methods such as calorie counting or following complicated diets. However, the current study did not demonstrate any advantages in weight loss through intermittent fasting, according to the research team.

The largest part of the weight loss referred besides to the lean mass and not for instance to the fat portion. Regarding the metabolic markers the research group could not determine any significant differences between both groups.

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Thus, intermittent fasting still seems worth at least an attempt to lose excess pounds. The decisive factor, however, remains which foods are ingested. Or differently expressed: Who treats itself eight hours on the day only unhealthy food, does not need to be surprised, if intermittent chamfered does not have success. (as)

Contrary to the current investigation an extensive evaluation of existing studies, which was published recently in the specialized magazine American journal OF Medicine, came to the result that intermittent chamfered can contribute very well to a weight acceptance and thereby also the fat portion of the body sinks. Likewise positive effects on the fat metabolism, the blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases were determined.

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