Starbucks employee claims to have a recording of her boss having a “toxic” conversation.


Starbucks employee claims to have a recording of her boss having a “toxic” conversation.

A video of a former Starbucks employee arguing with a lady she claims is her manager has gone viral.

Krista Webster used hashtags like #quityourjob, #toxic, and #retaliation to publish the disturbing video to TikTok.

While the TikTok video does not include the entire dialogue, which can be found on YouTube and continues for 16 minutes, the portions of it that are shown provide a peek of their strained working relationship.

“My Starbucks manager lowered my hours to 0 and then avoided telling me why,” reads a caption on the screen in the video, which can be viewed here.

During the call, Webster shows a screenshot of texts she reportedly exchanged with her manager, as well as the brusque reply she receives to each of her messages.

In the video, Webster’s supervisor can be heard criticizing her of not “respecting” her time off by texting her on days when she is not at work. “Tells me if I want to talk about it, I have to come in on my day off,” Webster says in a caption.

The other woman claims that Webster doesn’t “do her best before 9 a.m.” and that “if you look at the timetables, there’s not really anyone that comes in at 9 a.m.” to explain her absence from the staff rota.

Webster, on the other hand, addresses this by projecting a rota on the screen, which appears to indicate numerous members of staff scheduled to start at 9 a.m. or later.


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Krista’s original sound

When she tries to object, the person on the other end of the line disconnects her.

She says, “I’m talking Krista, I’m talking.”

The same woman later tells her, “I’m not taking anything personal with you,” and adds, “I don’t prefer anyone.”

She becomes increasingly enraged as the film progresses, loudly criticizing Webster’s work performance.

She is overheard stating, “You’re sitting here nitpicking at every single thing with every single person.”

“I’m here to give you advice on what you’re doing and to train you when you’re not doing things correctly. That is what coaching entails, and you are the result. This is a condensed version of the information.


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