So far, how many people have seen ‘Squid Game’? Netflix’s Viewing Statistics Have Been Revealed.


So far, how many people have seen ‘Squid Game’? Netflix’s Viewing Statistics Have Been Revealed.

The record-breaking Netflix K-drama series about a deadly survival game, Squid Game, has topped the streamer’s global rankings for nearly a month since it premiered on September 17.

The captivating series has been viewed by 111 million subscribers to date, according to Netflix, making it the streamer’s “biggest-ever series at launch” and the first Netflix series to reach over 100 million subscribers when it debuted.

Squid Game is the first Korean series to reach number one on Netflix in the United States. According to the site, the show has retained the top spot in the country for “21 days and counting,” a new record for any non-English language series.

The show is currently ranked number one in 94 countries—every country where Netflix has a “Top 10” list—from Brazil and India to France and Turkey, according to the streamer.

The series has also swept the social media world, with the hashtag #squidgame racking up 37.2 billion views on TikTok alone.

The internet resorted to Squid Game for memes when Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went down earlier this month.

Squid Game mania has swept the globe, with numerous locations themed around the series springing up, including a “Squid Game World” venue built inside a metro station in Seoul’s popular Itaewon neighborhood ahead of the show’s premiere.

In other news, a Squid Game-themed cafe has opened in Paris, and a duplicate of the frightening doll from the series’ Red Light, Green Light game has been erected in a Philippine shopping mall. In Mexico, piatas like the gigantic doll have also been spotted.

Variety reported last week that, according to data provided by Sole Supplier, sales of the white slip-on Vans sneakers worn by the players in the series have increased by 7,800%.

With Halloween approaching, several Squid Game-inspired costumes have been popping up on shop websites, including the players’ trademark green tracksuits, which are reminiscent of Squid’s green gym uniform. This is a condensed version of the information.


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