See how this mother-daughter trio achieves a 4-string twist in ‘The Voice’ Season 19 Sneak Peek.


Preparations for the blind audition for season 19 of The Voice are in full swing. Coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson have very few places left on their teams and will try to fill them in the third week of auditions. Of course, this won’t be without a bit of bickering among the coaches, especially when they get a taste of The Voice’s first mother-daughter trio, Worth the Wait, during Monday night’s episode.

The group – consisting of a mother from Alabama and her two daughters – knocked the cover of Linda Rontown’s “When Will I Be Loved” out of the park, so all four coaches competed to have her join their teams. And while the country trio may seem like a shoe-in to Shelton’s team – especially when they start speaking with their strong Southern accents – Stefani, Clarkson and Legend are eager to convince them not to vote for the country king of The Voice.

“I was also in a band with my brother for nine years. We wrote ‘Don’t Speak’ together. We wrote a bunch of songs together, so I know the family thing,” says Stefani, before reminding the ladies that she currently tops the country charts.

“Did you see that I’m in the country charts? I just wanted to know if you saw that? Did you see that? Twice number one,” says Stefani.

Then Stefani pulls the ultimate trump card: a video message from none other than the award-winning singer and “Gwen Stefani Supporter”, Trace Adkins.

“So they are obviously torn. I believe that everyone is given a certain amount of happiness in their lives, and Blake, as his girlfriend proves, has completely used up his. I’m not saying that, I’m just saying,” says Adkins.

Shelton, who is amazed that his new fiancée hires his buddy Adkins to drag his name through the mud, admits that he has many country artists on his team. He notes, however, that he’s just been waiting for them to fill the last spot.

“Hello, it’s worth the wait. I think that’s actually the perfect name. I still have one place left on my team and I’m sitting here waiting for whatever that is going to be, and it was worth the wait, wasn’t it? To deal with that right, especially when I hear that you’re from another country, by the way, there’s not much you could have done about it anyway, because I heard you speak,” jokes Shelton.

Meanwhile, Clarkson claims that she is the best coach to help her reach her full musical potential.

“I really enjoyed it. I love this song. I love the harmonies. We don’t have anyone like you all on the show. I’ll be honest with you – there are places where it’s not quite in sync. You have to be so precise because people don’t let anything out of their sight. So if you choose me as your coach, I will definitely push you like a choir leader,” says Clarkson.

Although Legend doesn’t have much experience in the country genre, he advises Worth the Wait not to rule him out altogether.

“I’m not an expert in country music, of course, but I grew up singing with my family. I grew up in the church as a choir director. I led an a cappella group. So no one in this group spent more time thinking about how people should harmonize with each other than me. You are all one of the few four-chair groups we have this season, so you should be proud of yourself,” the legend goes. “I would love to work with you.”

The Voice will be broadcast Monday and Tuesday evenings at 20:00 ET on NBC….


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