Season 4 Premiere of the SEAL Team: What happened to Bravo in season 3?


Tonight the CBS military drama SEAL Team returns at 21.00 ET. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, filming for the third season has been interrupted and fans expect the new season to pick up where the last one left off.

However, in the unexpected final episode of the third season of “No Choice in Duty,” the Bravo team found that they could work together successfully without the leadership of Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), and Hayes finally kissed Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré), paying off a long-standing will-be-or-gonna-be-you romance for the military drama.

In the last episode, Jason and Mandy pay tribute to a widow whose husband was an informant for Bravo and was murdered in the episode “In The Blind. The widow hits Mandy because she was involved in her husband’s death (he was killed because he was helping Americans), and Jason pulls her out of the house. While they are away, the team learns of an opportunity to find terrorist Azfaar Al-Hazred, and Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.) takes the lead in Jason’s absence. After the return of Jason and Mandy, Hayes is upset not to participate in the mission with the rest of the team. After they successfully mastered a collapse, the crew celebrates the success of the mission, and a conversation with Ray leads to Jason’s smooching with Mandy, according to the SEAL Team fandom wiki.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic left fans uncertain about where the season would go, but Boreanaz teased in an interview with TV Line about what could happen in season four. “I think people will be very surprised what could happen in the next episode,” he said.

Boreanaz hinted that the relationship between Jason and Mandy has had a big impact on some of the episodes that had to fall by the wayside because of COVID. In an interview with TV Insider before the first four episodes of the season, Boreanaz said, “It was looked at from the perspective of what their relationship is, what it was and what it could be.

“No Choice in Duty” also marked the return of Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) to Bravo. According to MeAww, in the penultimate episode Sonny came to terms with his home in Texas and his relationship with his father (John Savage). The fandom wiki notes that in the episode “In The Blind,” Sonny considered establishing his permanent home in Texas. Luckily for the fans who wanted to see him back in action with the rest of Bravo, Sonny’s father told him to return to his military career and join his team.

While the new season will hopefully take up the fans’ questions, showrunner Spencer Hudnut told TV Line that the military drama will not address the COVID 19 pandemic. “We talked about it, and because we need to finish what we started, it suddenly felt wrong to be in a pandemic world,” he said.


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