Season 3 of ‘Pose’: Why It’s Ending and How the Cast Reacted


Season 3 of ‘Pose’: Why It’s Ending and How the Cast Reacted

On Sunday, June 6, 2021, the final episode of Pose Season 3 will premiere, which will also be the final episode of the landmark show about ballroom culture in the 1990s. The show’s cancellation by FX was revealed earlier this year, and many of the cast and crew have paid respect to the series as it approaches its conclusion.

Why is Pose coming to an end after Season 3?

Steven Canals, the show’s co-creator, spoke with Variety about why Season 3 will be the show’s final season. “Everything was a set up for this last chapter if you go back to the first season,” he remarked. Stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and our last season marked the conclusion of our three-arc narrative.”

“One of the things that has always upset me is when I am tuning into a season of television and I can tell this season is just filler,” he said later in the interview. The last thing I wanted to do to our audience was to make a narrative just for the sake of making a narrative. I could see the conclusion […] and it seemed reasonable to land the plane safely, if you will.”

When the show’s third season ended in March, co-creator Ryan Murphy stated in a statement, “We got to tell the exact narrative we wanted, as we wanted to tell it, and I’m extremely humbled and grateful.”

Canals had previously stated that the show may go for up to six seasons. “When I started proposing Pose, I always envisioned it being a five-season show,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in August 2019. Is it possible that it will be a four-season game? Is it possible that it will be a six-season show? Yes, of course. It may be a little more or a little less.”

Angel Bismark Curiel, who plays Lil Papi, was one of the first cast members to express his dissatisfaction with the show’s conclusion. “Naturally it’s really bittersweet,” he remarked in a Twitter video. Are you looking forward to new beginnings? I believe we should all be. My heart, on the other hand, is aching. You spend three years with these plots, characters, and people, and then it’s over. This is a condensed version of the information.


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