Season 2 review of The Mandalorian’: Spin-Off Overshadowed By Fan Service


With a young Luke Skywalker (a de-aging Mark Hamill) turning up to offer to train Grogu in the ways of the Jedi, the Mandalorian Season 2 finale pulled off the show’s biggest surprise yet. And while many welcomed the return of the iconic Star Wars character, a large minority on Twitter were not pleased that a character from over 40 years ago was once again returning to the franchise.

For starters, one viewer wrote, “Luke showing up legitimately crushed me. It just seems like nostalgic storytelling to please [The Last Jedi] haters. Disappointing. F*** this,” while another tweeted, “I’m so done with star wars, they really can’t let things f****** go.”

The introduction of Luke, however, is just the summit of a season that seemed to insist on jamming as many characters as possible from Stars Wars movies, TV shows and books, turning The Mandalorian from a fascinating show in its own right to a show that just seems like a cynical fan service spin-off machine.


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