Salmonella recall: Product sold at Aldi affected.


Frischebox GmbH from Rheinstetten in Baden-Württemberg is recalling the product “NATURE favorites – coconut pieces, 100g” (batch: L: 3501 1177 and L: 3405 1175, MHD: 24.05.2021, origin: MZ (Mozambique) – information on the back of the product).

Frischebox GmbH from Rheinstetten (Baden-Württemberg) has started a recall for the product “NATURE Darlings – Coconut Pieces” in the 100 gram package. Reason for the measure: Salmonella was detected in the product sold at Aldi. A health risk cannot be excluded.

According to a consumer information published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal “”, salmonella was detected in the product in the course of a self-control.

Salmonella detected

According to the information provided, the product concerned was sold in all Aldi Süd stores throughout Germany. The food discounter has already withdrawn the product from sale. Customers can return the product in all Aldi Süd stores and will be reimbursed, even without presenting the receipt. Frischebox GmbH points out that other products and products from other batches/MHDs are not affected.

“Salmonella disease can manifest itself within a few days with diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting and slight fever. People with a weakened immune system, such as infants, toddlers or seniors are particularly at risk,” the company writes. Since a health risk cannot be ruled out, customers should definitely observe the recall and not consume the affected product.

According to experts, people who have eaten the food affected by the recall and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and point out a possible salmonella infection. However, it is not advisable to seek preventive medical treatment without symptoms.(ad)

Health risk: Recall at Aldi
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