Rush Limbaugh returns his comments after the allegations that he said Biden won the election.


Did the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just win the election? If you ask Rush Limbaugh, the answer is yes, and then no. The conservative commentator seemed to state this in his radio show Rush Limbaugh Live, but he was just as quick to dismiss these comments.

Steve Thomma, the head of the White House Correspondents’ Association, twittered: “Rush Limbaugh gives up the election and says Biden won. Minutes later, however, Limbaugh went back to his earlier comments and Thomma corrected himself.

Rush Limbaugh quits the election and says Biden won.

– Steve Thomma (@stevethomma) November 6, 2020

Thomma followed: “Come back and say he didn’t get a Biden victory, and if he has that impression, he didn’t want to.

At the time of writing, Biden currently leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia, two states he was behind in counting the ballots, along with Nevada and Arizona. Also in Alaska and North Carolina, the ballots must be counted before a winner can be determined.

Biden is also currently leading the electoral college and the referendum against President Donald Trump.


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