Rewatching ‘The Sopranos’ was a ‘Revelation,’ according to cast members.


Rewatching ‘The Sopranos’ was a ‘Revelation,’ according to cast members.

The last episode of The Sopranos aired 14 years ago. George W. Bush was still in office, there were no streaming platforms, and Britney Spears’ conservatorship case was just getting started.

However, despite a quickly changing society and a continuously shifting pop cultural scene, The Sopranos has remained relevant and revered, consistently being hailed as one of the best instances of prestige television ever produced.

With the release of The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel film starring the late James Gandolfini’s son in his place, the beloved series has gained fresh importance in 2021.

However, the show has gained a new generation of admirers, many of whom were too young to watch it when it initially aired.

And, thanks to its enduring appeal, The Sopranos will be available in a new format in 2021: podcasts.

Michael Imperioli and Steve Schippra, who portrayed Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Baccalieri on the show, have relived the program for their podcast, Talking Sopranos, and now a book, Woke Up This Morning: The Definitive Oral History of The Sopranos.

The series guide is jam-packed with in-depth interviews with the cast (Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler), series creator David Chase, several directors, and a slew of other people who worked on The Sopranos throughout the course of its six-season run.

The two met down with Washington Newsday to talk about the podcast, the book, and the show that brought it all together.

Q&A with Michael Imperioli and Steve Schippra [MI, SS]

Some of the responses have been changed to make them more clear.

Q: Could you talk about how it felt to relive the show on the podcast and now with the book?

MI: I think it’s incredible. We hadn’t seen the show since it ended in 2007, so Steve and I were excited to see it again. And for me, rewatching it for the podcast has been a revelation in terms of realizing how fantastic it is.

The acting, writing, and filmmaking are all fantastic. You know, I believe we took it for granted a little bit in the midst of it because we were in it but from a distance. To be honest, I’m really blown away by the level of production and how fantastic the show is.

SS:. This is a condensed version of the information.


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