Recall: Salmonella detected in tea.


According to a recent press release, the company Teaflower Marktstand Shuster at Munich Viktualienmarkt (booth 35/36) is recalling the product “Teaflower Teufelskralle gemahlen” (ground devil’s claw) due to an existing health hazard.

The Teaflower Marktstand Shuster at the Munich Viktualienmarkt has started a recall for the product “Teaflower Teufelskralle gemahlen”. According to the company, salmonellae were detected in the tea. These bacteria can affect health.

According to the report, which the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) published on its portal “”, the recall affects the article “Teaflower Teufelskralle gemahlen” with the filling quantity 200 gram and all best-before dates (MHD’s) in the period from 02.22 to 07.22 inclusive. “Salmonella was detected in the article”, the press release states. Customers who have purchased the article in question can return it to their stores for a refund of the purchase price even without presenting the receipt.

As the BVL explains on its website, salmonellae are bacteria whose metabolic products can cause acute intestinal inflammation in humans, known as salmonellosis. The disease manifests itself within a few days after infection with diarrhoea, abdominal pain and occasionally vomiting and slight fever. The symptoms usually subside by themselves after several days.

Purchase price will be refunded

Especially infants, toddlers, seniors as well as people with weakened immune systems can develop more severe disease processes. Persons who have consumed this food and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and point out possible salmonella infection. However, it is not advisable to seek preventive medical treatment without symptoms. (ad)

Tea recall due to Salmonella
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