Recall: rice with carcinogenic mold toxins!


The C.F. Grell Nachf. Naturkost GmbH & Co. KG from Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein recalls the article “Basmati Reis braun” with the best before date (MHD) 15.11.2021 and the lot numbers 901584, 901665 as well as 901722. The BBD and the lot number can be found on the back of the corresponding product packaging.

The C.F. Grell Nachf. Naturkost GmbH & Co. KG from Kaltenkirchen (Schleswig-Holstein) has started a recall for brown basmati rice. According to the company, the rice is contaminated with aflatoxins. These metabolic products of molds are considered carcinogenic and can endanger health.

“Reason for the recall is that products from three batches are loaded with Aflatoxinen, writes the enterprise in a customer information, which the Federal Office for consumer protection and food security (BVL) published on its on-line portal Customers are asked not to consume the goods, but to return the article concerned to the respective sales outlet. The purchase price will then be refunded.

As the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) explains on its website, aflatoxins are toxins (mycotoxins) formed by moulds which are produced by two mould species of the genus Aspergillus. According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), these mold toxins have shown carcinogenic effects (especially liver cancer) in animal experiments.

Do not consume goods

They can also damage the genetic material. According to the AGES, if food is consumed once or over a short period of time that contains elevated aflatoxin levels, no health impairment is to be expected. As a long-term consequence, however, kidney damage, liver damage such as liver cirrhosis, as well as kidney and liver cancer can occur.

Since mould toxins are largely heat-stable, they cannot be destroyed or reduced in food processing, for example by cooking and baking. (ad)

Rice recall due to aflatoxins
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