Recall for meat product because of plastic foreign bodies.


Dr. Schrödter Feinkost GmbH from Essen recalls the product “Mühlenhof Delikatess Kräuterfleischsalat” with the best before date (MHD): 24.10.2020, the identity and health mark DE EV 1612 EG (see imprint on packaging) and GTIN 27956427.

The company Dr. Schrödter Feinkost GmbH from Essen has started a recall for meat salad. According to the company, the meat product may contain plastic foreign bodies. A health hazard cannot be excluded.

According to a consumer information, which the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) published on its portal “”, it cannot be excluded that in individual cases transparent plastic foreign bodies are in the product. “A health endangerment cannot be excluded with conclusive security”, writes the company. The company has therefore had the product in question removed directly from sale.

Sold at Penny

According to the BVL, the meat salad of the manufacturer Füngers Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG was distributed via Penny Markt GmbH. Customers can return the product to the respective store and will be reimbursed, even without presenting the receipt.

Contamination or foreign bodies in food can cause various injuries and complaints, for example, wounds in the mouth and throat area. In addition, swallowed plastic parts – if they are large enough – can block the esophagus or even the digestive organs. Internal injuries cannot be ruled out either

And if smaller parts remain in the body, these can sometimes cause inflammation. Internal injuries cannot be ruled out either. For this reason, products that may contain foreign bodies should never be eaten. Dr. Schrödter Feinkost GmbH also sees it this way and writes: “Consumption of the affected product is urgently advised against. (ad)

Plastic foreign body: recall for meat salad
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