Recall: Drinking cup contaminated with carcinogenic formaldehyde


The Optamit GmbH from Cologne recalls the article “Bamboo Camper Cup”, orange from EcoSouLife Increased formaldehyde levels were detected in the drinking cup.

Optamit GmbH from Cologne has started a recall for the product “Bamboo Camper Cup”. According to the company, increased formaldehyde levels were detected in product tests. Formaldehyde is harmful to health and can cause cancer.

According to a customer notice published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal “”, the product was sold until October 5, 2020. Customers can exchange the drinking cup for a refund of the sales price of EUR 8.49 or for another item in any of the company’s stores.

Formaldehyde “can be hazardous to health, so further use of the cup is not recommended,” the company writes. As the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) explains on its website, the effect of formaldehyde on human health has been evaluated by many national and international bodies on the basis of available extensive scientific data.

Return drinking cup

Already years ago, this substance was classified by the EU as “may cause cancer”. “Substances which may cause cancer or increase the incidence of cancer are classified as carcinogenic”, explained UBA.

According to the experts, rats that had repeatedly inhaled high concentrations of the substance developed tumors in the nasal cavity during their lifetime. In addition, scientific studies investigating the effects of high levels of formaldehyde at the workplace showed that more cases of cancer in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx were expected in exposed persons in the further course of their lives than (without formaldehyde).

In addition to the effect on the mucous membranes during inhalation, higher concentrations of formaldehyde in the ambient air can also cause irritation to the eyes. (ad)

Increased formaldehyde values: recall for cups
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