Recall because of health hazard: cheese contains metal particles.


The garmo AG with headquarters in Stuttgart recalls the following products for reasons of preventive consumer protection: “GAZi Yumak Örgü Peyniri – finely sliced plait cheese approx. 200g vacuum packed”, “GAZi Yumak Örgü Peyniri – finely sliced plait cheese 200g vacuum packed” as well as “GAZi Örgü Peyniri – plait cheese – approx. 250g vacuum packed”.

The garmo AG from Stuttgart has started a recall for different types of cheese. According to the company, it cannot be excluded that there are foreign bodies in the products. The cheese should therefore not be eaten.

“Although the risk is very low, it cannot be ruled out with certainty that there are foreign bodies (small metal particles) in the above mentioned article”, the company writes in a customer information published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal “”.

Cheese was distributed nationwide

Affected by the recall is the goods with the following best before dates (MHDs): 01.01.2021 / 08.01.2021 / 15.01.2021 / 22.01.2021 / 29.01.2021 / 23.02.2021 / 26.02.2021 / 02.03.2021 / 09.03.2021 / 16.03.2021 / 23.03.2021. The cheese was distributed throughout Germany. According to the information provided, the corresponding goods have already been taken out of sale.

We kindly ask you to return already purchased products with the above mentioned MHDs via your usual channel of purchase. The cost of purchasing the products will be reimbursed.

“For reasons of preventive consumer protection, consumption is not advised”, the company writes. The consumption of food that may contain foreign substances can be dangerous. Depending on the size, composition and material of the particles, injuries can occur in the mouth and throat area as well as in the digestive tract. (ad)

Recall for cheese due to foreign objects
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