Recall at Lidl, Aldi and Co: Yoghurt may contain metal parts.


Ehrmann GmbH is recalling the “Raspberry” variety of Almighurt fruit yoghurt in a 150-gram cup with the best before date (BBD) 29 October 2020 and batch number 1001151131.

Ehrmann GmbH has started a recall for a yoghurt. According to the company, it cannot be excluded that the product contains metal parts. Due to a possible risk of injury, the yoghurt should not be consumed.

“It cannot be excluded that there are isolated metal parts in the yogurt”, writes the enterprise in a consumer information, which the Federal Office for consumer protection and food security (BVL) published on its portal “”.

With Lidl, Aldi and Penny sold

The relevant batch is sold exclusively at the retail partners Lidl, Aldi and Penny throughout Germany and is currently actively withdrawn from sales. The type of yoghurt “Raspberry” affected by the recall can be returned to all branches of the retail chains mentioned. The purchase price will be refunded, even without presentation of the sales receipt.

The company points out that only the variety “Raspberry” with the MHD 29.10.2020 and the batch number 1001151131 is affected by the recall and that all other products of the Ehrmann company are faultless.

Due to the possible danger of injury, customers should absolutely observe the recall and not consume the yoghurt. The consumption of food that could contain foreign bodies can be dangerous. Depending on the size, composition and material of the foreign bodies, injuries can occur in the mouth and throat area as well as in the digestive tract. (ad)

Recall for yogurt because of metal parts
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