Read the Open Letter Kanye West wrote in his presidential campaign ad in the New York Times.


Kanye West goes the whole hog. On Friday before election day, the rapper placed an ad in the New York Times for his presidential campaign. The open letter entitled “Dear Future by Kanye West” emphasized the need for love and equality and, among other things, imagined a world free of “debt, shame, guilt, worry, stress” and “war”. She was accompanied by the image of a dove.

“This is his open letter, in which he explains how he envisions the future of America,” said Representative West on page six. The day before, West had also published a promotional video for his Yeezy Christian Academy, with a message very similar to his open letter.


– ye (@kanyewest) October 29, 2020

West first announced that he would run for president on July 4 and submitted his candidacy on July 16. “We must now realize America’s promise by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future. I am running for President of the United States,” he twittered on July 4.

We must now realize America’s promise by trusting in God, uniting our vision and building our future. I am running for the office of President of the United States ðºð¸! #2020VISION

– ye (@kanyewest) July 5, 2020

Although West was loudly reporting on Twitter about his campaign, the rapper had missed several deadlines for registration in states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Montana, Ohio and West Virginia. West’s name will appear on the ballots of the following states Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont.

He has also been criticized for running to prevent Democratic candidate Joe Biden from winning the 2020 presidential race to which he was admitted via VICE in August. “I don’t deny it,” he said when asked if he would run as a spoiler for Biden.

His campaign website lists his presidential program as well as sweatshirts and hats for sale with the message “VOTE KANYE”.

Read the full text of his letter to the New York Times below.

“Dear future,

I still believe in you. We still believe in you.

Even in our darkest moments,

We believe.

We believe in a world at peace.

We believe in our people.

We believe in our families.

We will make sure that families are anchored in a fair way.

Our future holds a better America.

In our future, we will be H.E.A.L.

hold everyone accountable before love.

Our future will provide a safe and secure home for expectant families.

and a secure plan that values every phase of life.

Our future will offer a justice system that

all equal, regardless of their socio-economic

Status. Our future will offer an education system

which promotes freedom and visionary thinking. Our

happy, healthy future looks like the new garden

Eden with running children and many older people

with joy about how beautiful our world has become.

Our future has a home for everyone.

Our future has food for all.

Our future has love.

Our future is free from debts, shame, guilt and worries,

Stress, war, greed, hate, abuse of power, prejudice,

Manipulation and discrimination.

Jesus loves all people.

When I close my eyes, I see our God, who

with a bright future. I feel like a child the night before

Christmas, when I think of our future.

Love future,

I still believe in you.

I know the world will get better, but you need

to heal us as one people. They need us to hold all

accountable to love.

God is love.

Let us lead with love. Our future is waiting for us”.


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