Rand Paul Rails Calls for the reopening of the economy against COVID Relief Plans


Republican Senator Rand Paul said the U.S. should not borrow more money” and as stimulus talks gathered momentum on Capitol Hill in the lead up to Christmas, he railed against proposals for more COVID-19 relief funds.

The Kentucky senator, who appeared on the conservative Newsmax network on Friday, said Congress should not “passing out any money” to states that have not reopened their economies, arguing that bad conduct would be “rewarding”

He added that a “false choice,” was the choice between a broad Democratic stimulus package and a smaller Republican aid measure, hitting out on any borrowing raise proposals while millions of Americans faced rent arrears, debt and food insecurity.

“Sen. Paul said in response to the push for further COVID relief funding: “We’re not the group that’s going to borrow money and pass it on, we’re supposed to be the ones who’re supposed to save the money.

So I think it’s unfair to say, yeah, the Democrats want 2 trillion dollars, and the Republicans want 1 trillion dollars, so 1 trillion dollars is conservative.

The Kentucky Republican added: “I think we need to open the economy, and not borrow more money.” after railing against state-level constraints on enterprises in the hospitality business.


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