PS5 Walmart: Users who experience a slowdown after the first units go on sale


While the PS5 is being launched in various regions of the world, Walmart’s website crashed just as the first orders came in.

Walmart, one of many retailers offering players the opportunity to purchase the PS5 or the PS5 digital edition on the day of launch, is struggling to manage traffic to its website.

On Walmart’s official website, many potential buyers encountered slow load times or, in our case, the dreaded “Sorry, we’re having technical difficulties and are investigating the problem now”.

This technical problem comes at the worst possible time for Walmart and players who want to get a PS5 on Thursday. Walmart was the only retailer that gave players a heads-up warning of when they could try their luck at buying the next-generation console on November 12.

The first time units were offered for sale was at 12 noon EDT. Of course, that time has come, and the insane rush to get a PS5 has brought the Walmart website to a crash.

There will be other opportunities to get a PS5 later today. Walmart will have additional units available at 15:00-18:00 and 21:00 ET. Walmart has not yet announced if the times for the other PS5 units will change, but we suggest that you continue to update the site.

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