Producer: Kanye West rushed the release of “Donda” because he was afraid Drake would “one-up” him.


Producer: Kanye West rushed the release of “Donda” because he was afraid Drake would “one-up” him.

Todd Rundgren has spoken out about his time working with Kanye West on his new album Donda, and his assessment isn’t positive.

West finally released Donda on August 29 after a series of delays, elaborate listening parties, and a transfer into Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to finish the album.

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, legendary musician and producer Todd Rundgren stated that West hastened the release of his long-awaited album because he was afraid that rival rapper Drake would “one-up” him with his own new album.

“My involvement went on for a year, and in the end I saw why they rapidly tied the whole thing up and put out what is obviously pretty raw, unedited stuff,” singer-songwriter Rundgren said of his work on the album, none of which apparently made the final cut.

“It’s because Drake was in charge of everything. [Kanye] was terrified that Drake would outdo him, so he rushed the album out over the weekend before Drake could release his. Drake ate his lunch anyway in the end.”

When Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy was released earlier this month, it had the best first-week sales of the year, with 604,000 equivalent records sold. West had previously held the record, with Donda selling 309,000 copies in its first week of release.

Rundgren also discussed his experience working with West on Donda, which has guest performances from a variety of performers, including Jay-Z and Marilyn Manson, in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock.

Rundgren joked, “I’m one of the only artists not on Kanye’s record.” “I have Kanye stems for three albums on my computer. Because Kanye kept calling to ask me to add vocals to the album.

“When we got to the last stretch in July, I just said, ‘That’s it for me.’ I’m not sure if any of this is being used.’ You don’t receive much input on what it is from him.”

He continued, “I’m still a producer, and I don’t want to be driftwood in the process.” “If I can help in any way, that’s great. Please let me know if I am unable to assist you. I’m leaving… There’s a chance that I’m genuinely in. This is a condensed version of the information.


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