Prince William has been accused of racism over his remarks about the African population.


Prince William has been accused of racism over his remarks about the African population.

For statements tying Africa’s human population to animal pressure, Prince William has been accused of racism.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke at the Tusk Conservation Awards, advocating for the natural world to be safeguarded from human damage, but his remarks caused a backlash on Twitter after being reported in the British press.

The backlash comes eight months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accused an anonymous member of the royal family of making racist remarks about their unborn child’s skin color.

During their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the pair did not name the royal, but later ruled out Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

At the ceremony on Monday, William, a Tusk patron, presented prizes to prominent conservationists from African countries. “The increasing pressure on Africa’s wildlife and wild places as a result of human population provides a significant challenge for conservationists, as it does the world over,” he told the London audience.

“However, the natural world must be safeguarded not merely for its contribution to our economies, jobs, and lives, but also for humanity’s health, well-being, and future.”

“Action today is owed to our children and future generations.”

Population growth was not mentioned by William. Many on Twitter, however, criticized his remarks as an attack on the continent’s Black population by a figurehead from a colonial organization.

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