Prince Charles’ ‘Didn’t Care’ Joke About Princess Diana’s Bulimia—Documentary


Prince Charles’ ‘Didn’t Care’ Joke About Princess Diana’s Bulimia—Documentary

According to a new documentary, Prince Charles joked about Princess Diana’s bulimia when she fainted on a royal tour.

In May 1986, the royal couple were in Vancouver, Canada, when the princess collapsed at Expo ’86, a world exhibition.

According to the new CNN docuseries Diana, she was then compelled to attend an evening gathering where the Prince of Wales deflected the incident by joking that she was pregnant.

The following is what Charles said at the gala: “My wife is much better now than she was earlier in the afternoon, and it’s entirely due to the extremely favorable conditions that exist in British Columbia—the weather and general fertile conditions—which have ensured that she’s about to give birth to sextuplets, which is why she fainted. It’s not entirely accurate.” Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer, said in the documentary: “He shown a lack of empathy. It was a sign that he didn’t care as much as he claimed. Something was missing from the marriage.” Bidisha Mamata, a CNN journalist, said: “It was a different era, and people didn’t understand eating disorders very well, but he went one step farther than that. He was nasty in his pranks.” In tape recordings, Diana would later explain collapsing to her secret biographer Andrew Morton, whose book Diana: Her True Story revealed Charles’ adultery for the first time.

She stated, ” “We’d been travelling for four hours, hadn’t eaten anything, and I’d probably gone days without eating.

“When I say that, I’m referring to the ability to keep meals down. I recall feeling awful as I walked around.

“I didn’t dare to tell people I was miserable because I was afraid they’d think I was complaining.

“I threw my arm around my husband’s shoulder and muttered, ‘Darling, I think I’m about to vanish,’ before sliding down his side.”

Diana told Morton that Charles continued to explore the exhibition while aides were “carrying me about,” and that when they returned to the hotel, she “blubbed my eyes out.”

Charles insisted on her attending an evening party, where he told the joke, she said.

“She must go out tonight,” Charles remarked, according to Morton’s book, “or there will be a sense of tremendous drama and everyone would believe there’s something really horrible wrong with her.”

Diana said, ” “I knew there was something inside of me. This is a condensed version of the information.


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