Plastic surgery’made me feel worse,’ says Jamie Lee Curtis.


Plastic surgery’made me feel worse,’ says Jamie Lee Curtis.

In a reflection on her personal experience with cosmetic operations, Jamie Lee Curtis has railed against women’s beauty standards and the plastic surgery industry.

The 62-year-old actress, who is a proponent of natural aging, even confessed that having surgery made her feel ashamed.

“I’ve been an advocate for natural beauty for a long time, partly because I’ve had the trial and error of the other part,” Curtis remarked this week in an interview on Lorraine, a British breakfast show.

“Plastic surgery didn’t work for me. I despised it. It actually made me feel worse “she stated

The Freaky Friday star then went on to discuss her renowned chopped haircut, claiming that she tried everything before settling on her characteristic look.

“I attempted to do everything possible with your hair. It was humiliating to me personally. I’d walk into a hair salon, smell the chemicals, feel the color on my hair, sit under the hairdryer, and think to myself, “For what?”” she stated

“I had a perm and then had to colour my hair for a movie, and it burned my hair off my head!” says the actress.

‘Oh! Oh my gosh,’ I exclaimed the first time I chopped my hair short. Oh my goodness! ‘I recognize myself!’ Since then, I’ve stopped dying my hair and advocated for not messing with your face.” Curtis, as a proponent of natural aging, objected to the term “anti-aging.” She stated, ” “And what does the word “anti-aging” mean? What exactly are you referring to? We’re all going to get old! Is it true that we’re all going to die? Why would you want to appear 17 at the age of 70? When I’m 70, I want to look 70.” On Wednesday, the actress made headlines as she paid tribute to her late mother, Janet Leigh, for Halloween.

At the Tuesday premiere of her new film, Halloween Kills, the actress took on her late mother’s most famous role as Marion Crane from the film Psycho.

Curtis completed her costume with a bloody shower curtain, a wig, and a pale blue Hitchcockian dress.

Curtis told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, “I am remembering my beautiful late mama, Janet Leigh, but… it’s a little more meta than that.”

“In fact, I’ll be going as. This is a condensed version of the information.


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