Partial lockdown: Drastic corona measures planned.


At a telephone conference between the Chancellor and the heads of state governments on October 28, 2020, further measures are to be decided upon to halt the overall infection rate and reduce the number of new infections to the traceable level of less than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week. Without such restrictions, the continued exponential growth in the number of infected people would inevitably lead to an overtaxing of the health care system within a few weeks, and the number of severe COVID-19 cases and deaths would increase significantly.

The number of infections with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is now rising at an exponential rate in almost all regions of Germany despite the measures that have already been agreed. This has led to the fact that in many public health authorities, complete contact tracing can no longer be guaranteed, which in turn contributes to an accelerated spread of the pathogen. Further measures are therefore now required.

New infections with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 are higher than ever before. Almost 15,000 cases of the disease were recorded in Germany within one day. Further measures are needed to contain the spread of the novel pathogen. Stricter rules are to apply from November onwards.

Incisive measures
Far-reaching measures for corona containment

The drastic measures planned in the fight against the virus have been summarized in a draft (as of 27.10.2020 22:29), which is available to the editorial staff of “Heilpraxisnet”. The individual points may therefore still change during the conference call. We will publish the document with the planned resolutions in the wording:

2 The most important measure in the coming period will be to keep our distance and reduce contacts. Citizens are urged to reduce contacts with other people outside the members of their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum.

Reduce the number of new infections

1. from 4 November, the additional measures set out below will come into force throughout Germany The measures are limited in time until the end of November. After two weeks, the Chancellor and the heads of government of the Länder will meet again to assess the objectives achieved by the measures and make any necessary adjustments.

3) From now on, therefore, only members of one’s own household and one other household will be allowed to be present in public. This is binding and violations of these contact restrictions will be sanctioned accordingly by the regulatory authorities. Groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments as well as in private facilities are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country. The federal and state governments are cooperating in the increased controls.

5) Institutions and facilities that can be attributed to recreational activities will be closed. These include:

4. citizens are urged to generally refrain from private travel and visits – including visits by relatives. This also applies within Germany and to national day-tourist excursions. Accommodation offers in the inland are made available only for necessary and expressly not routistic purposes.

6. events that serve entertainment purposes are prohibited.

9. the retail trade will remain open overall under conditions of hygiene, access control and avoidance of queues. It must be ensured that there is no more than one customer per 25 sqm sales area in the stores.

10. schools and kindergartens remain open. In view of the high infection rates, further protective measures are being introduced by the federal states.

8. service companies in the field of personal hygiene such as beauty salons, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar businesses will be closed because physical proximity is essential in this area. Medically necessary treatments, for example physiotherapy, remain possible. Hairdressing salons will remain open under the existing hygiene regulations.

7. restaurants and bars, clubs, discotheques, pubs and similar establishments will be closed. This does not include the delivery and collection of take-away food for consumption at home.

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