On the internet, Bulldog’s friendship with a fish is melting hearts.


On the internet, Bulldog’s friendship with a fish is melting hearts.

On TikTok, a video depicting a bulldog’s bond with a fish has gone viral, with many people raving over the touching story.

A dog named Frank can be seen peering into a pond in footage submitted to the app by an account called OneFaceFrank on May 7.

“I have been bringing Frank to this little pond every few days…” says the text overlaid on the video.

The dog then stares into the ocean in a montage, as the text explains: “(All these movies are from separate days) He likes to sit on the edge and stare into the empty water…

“I’ve been known to stare for up to 30 minutes at a time. Finally, today…”

After after, the camera turns to a shot of a giant fish swimming through the water towards the dog, and the two appear to be staring at each other.

“He’s only been looking for his best friend,” the text says.

“It finally happened (watch till the end!!)” OneFaceFrank captioned the heartwarming moment, which can be seen here. #makeMomEpic #parati #worththewait #natureismagic #bulldoglife #cutebulldog #fyp #foryou #MakeMomEpic

The adorable video has been viewed over 8.1 million times and has received over 2.3 million likes.


It finally occurred (stay tuned till the very end!!) #makeMomEpic #parati Ice Dance (from “Edward Scissorhands”) #worththewait #natureismagic #bulldoglife #cutebulldog #fyp #foryou #MakeMomEpic #parati Gleckman, Ashton

Over 14,100 individuals have raced to the comments area to express their thoughts on the touching story.

“Plot twist: they were soulmates in the past and swore to meet again in the future, but the dog didn’t reincarnate as a fish,” said one TikTok user, Pusanijayy.

“What if it was his best friend from a previous life,” wrote Lookin Like Chicken Nugget. And until death separated them, that was their favorite hangout spot.”

“What if it’s been there all along, but the water was clear that day, so you could see it?” Random Videos speculated.

“It’s gorgeous, perfect, majestic, bizarre, I’ve stared at this for hours now,” Mikail Kapadia exclaimed.

“And at last Frank discovered his true friend,” Sun Is The Name typed. He lingered and gazed until someone else noticed, no matter how long it took.”

“You are a fantastic storyteller,” Flouncey Bounce said. I’m all for it. This is a condensed version of the information.


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