On Peacock, ‘Dr. Death’: The True Story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch and What the Cast Has to Say About Him


On Peacock, ‘Dr. Death’: The True Story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch and What the Cast Has to Say About Him

Dr. Death is Peacock’s new true-crime drama, based on the podcast of the same name, which debuted in 2018. Peacock is now streaming all eight episodes.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch, played by Joshua Jackson of The Affair, is a neurosurgeon who is now serving a life sentence for purposefully maiming patients. In total, 32 of Duntsch’s patients in Texas were harmed as a result of his negligence. Two people were killed, and two more were paralyzed.

Alec Baldwin as spine surgeon Robert Henderson and Christian Slater as vascular surgeon Randall Kirby star alongside Jackson as the two men who did everything they could to prevent Dr. Christopher Duntsch from operating again. Michelle Shughart, the fiery young prosecutor who placed Duntsch behind bars, is played by AnnaSophia Robb.

Duntsch “didn’t know he was twisted,” according to Jackson, “and that is precisely the crux of what is so fascinating about playing him.” We may look at him from the outside; the result and proof should suffice, right? He virtually ended the lives of every single patient he came into contact with.

“In terms of interpersonal relationships, he was a monster, a horror to be around. He was a fascinating, charming creature who regarded himself as the hero of his own story, despite the fact that he was still a monster. He considered himself as a superb surgeon as well as a brilliant doctor. A man who was a victim of lousy work and bad behavior by others.”

“I think it’s narcissism and maybe even a psychopathic [tendency],“ Robb told this publication. I’m not sure. I believe he believed he was a great doctor, and I believe some of his surgeries were done on purpose because he was furious or power-hungry, while others were simply botched. I believe it was likely dependent on the patient, as there were a few surgeries that went smoothly.”

Why Did Christopher Duntsch Decide to Become a Doctor?

Christopher Duntsch had dreams of playing college football long before he became a neurosurgeon, but he failed to make the cut at two different institutions.

He returned to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, to study after dropping out of schools in Mississippi and Colorado.

He went on to complete the MD-Ph.D. and neurosurgery residency programs at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Despite participation, he completed a spine fellowship program. This is a condensed version of the information.


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