On HBO Max, the 20 Best Mystery Films


On HBO Max, the 20 Best Mystery Films

Horror, thriller, and even humor are all genres that can be found in mystery films. A well-executed mystery can keep audiences wondering until the very end, which can be difficult at times but nearly always gratifying.

We used the Rotten Tomatoes audience rating for each film to generate this list, which can often differ from what critics thought.

According to viewers, the 20 finest mystery movies available on HBO Max right now are listed below.

Northwest by North (1959)

94 percent of the audience liked it.

Carey Grant plays an innocent man on the run from a secretive organization that mistakenly believes he is a spy. One of Hitchcock’s best films.

Fanny and Alexander are a couple (1981)

94 percent of the audience liked it.

Fanny and Alexander are members of a well-to-do family at the start of the twentieth century. Everything is fine until their father dies unexpectedly and their mother marries a harsh bishop. To avoid giving anything away, this art house classic will make the audience doubt reality itself.

Dogs from the Reservoir (1992)

94 percent of the audience liked it.

Tarantino’s story about a heist gone wrong. You’ll never listen to ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ in the same way.

Rashomon is a Japanese animated film (1950)

93 percent of the audience liked it.

Four witnesses to a heinous crime provide their accounts of what happened. Who is telling the truth, though? Kurosawa’s brilliance is on full display in this film, which is one of the most inventive ever made.

A through Z (1969)

93 percent of the audience liked it.

A prominent Greek left-wing politician is killed in what appears to be an accident. Further examination reveals that his death was orchestrated by the ruling elite of the time. When Z was released in the United States, it was viewed by some as being excessively critical of America because it was based on the real-life death of anti-war activist Gregorios Lambrakis.

As critic Roger Ebert wrote: “When this film was shown at the San Francisco Film Festival, it was attacked in some quarters as being anti-American, but does it not tell the simple truth? The Greek junta has our support. We are aware of the regime that assassinated Lambrakis.”

The Maltese Falcon is a bird native to Malta (1941)

91 percent of the audience liked it.

This cinematic noir classic is a must-see for fans of the genre. Humphrey Bogart plays Sam Spade, a private investigator who agrees to take on a case brought to him by a mysterious woman. Things really start to go south when Spade’s. This is a brief summary.


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