On a talk show, Jada Pinkett Smith steams her vagina: ‘This is What I Love.’


On a talk show, Jada Pinkett Smith steams her vagina: ‘This is What I Love.’

Jada Pinkett Smith has openly addressed love affairs, feuds, and family traumas with her famous guests on Red Table Talk, so few topics appear to be off limits for her.

In the latest episode of her Facebook Watch show, the actress steams her vagina alongside daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

“We’re going to steam our vaginal openings. Yes, we’re going to steam our vaginals on camera,” Pinkett Smith exclaimed eagerly at the start of the show.

“I ordered some kits from a really attractive young Black woman who runs her own business,” she added. So let’s go up and get this party started. Ladies, let’s get steamed!”

The three women then changed into identical lilac gowns and sat in their heated seats, combining herbal sachets with hot water.

Pinkett Smith told her daughter and mother, who were sat on either side of her, that she was feeling a “small tingle” shortly after lowering herself over her seat.

“How do you feel now that you’re seated here?” Pinkett Smith inquired, causing her daughter to respond that she is experiencing “a great deal of warmth.”

Pinkett Smith gave the practice her seal of approval, saying, “This is real queen throne action right here.” “This is my passion.”

“Steaming is an ancient tradition that originated in Asia and Africa, and it was originally intended to purify yourself after menstruating,” she continued. I read somewhere that vaginal steams are like an aphrodisiac.”

Pinkett Smith then sang the praises of “spending time with your vagina” and showing it “appreciation and care.”

On the idea that she might be accused of oversharing, she said: “If you can listen to all these little rap artists talk and abuse the vagina, you sure as hell can watch women give it honor and praise and spend quality time.”

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“We have to change the narrative around the vagina and women have to take it back,” added the Girls Trip star, who is married to Will Smith.

Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen have. This is a brief summary.


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