Observe this adorable dog as he stops on his tracks when his soldier comes home for the holidays


There’ s no place like home for the holidays, and this dog is especially looking forward to having his soldier back. In a video circulating about Reddit, a soldier surprised his German Shepherd dog when he entered the house, and unconditional love followed. The 42-second clip shows how the puppy literally stops on his tracks and flings on the ground before jumping into the soldier’s arms. As for the dog, everything is perfect.

It literally stopped in its tracks from

Presumably at one point in the video the child of the soldier comes into the picture. “Daddy,” they say, but the father has his arms full with the huge dog. Towards the end of the clip, the father also hugs the child, and the German shepherd dog forces itself into the soldier’s arms again.

Reddit loved the heartwarming reunion. “Dogs are so faithful and full of joy. They do not forget the people they love,” enthused one person. “German shepherd dogs are too pure for this world,” added another.

“He went all Scooby Doo,” joked a third, referring to the way the Great Dane from the cartoon jumps into the arms of Shaggy.

Others enjoyed stopping the dog and sliding on the ground when they saw the soldier. “Dogs on slippery [sic]ground will never not be funny,” someone said. “I heard figurative tires squealing,” added another.

“If there had been a carpet, the pulling force of the dog would have pushed the man out of the house,” noted a third person.


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One user remembered what a colleague said about missing his four-legged friend. “Direct quote from one of the guys I was out in the field with: I really miss my dogs. And my children too, I guess…”, they wrote.

Another posed whether the soldier returned to his family first or not, as the son seemed left out of the big moment. “They probably picked him up or met him at the base. So they saw him and came home while he was getting his equipment. The whole family was waiting for the dog moment,” one postulated, which would make sense.

“Since the guy is already in the house without his bag etc., it looks like the child and the mother(?) have already greeted the soldier and set up the camera to call the dog,” added another. “So that the father does not ignore the child, he has already seen and greeted the child.

“The child would have been at home at the welcoming ceremony and would already have seen his father,” a third person added. “It is probably not the first time he sees his son, but it is the first time for the dog.”


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