Nurses at Ohio State want to negotiate a COVID vaccination mandate for hospitals.


Nurses at Ohio State want to negotiate a COVID vaccination mandate for hospitals.

A hospital in Ohio has been warned by an Ohio nurses organization that if it does not engage with them on the implementation of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy, the institution will face an even bigger labor shortage.

In view of the increased number of Delta variant cases, the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and two other hospital systems established immunization requirements on Tuesday. Those who consider mandatory immunizations as an infringement on a person’s ability to make their own health decisions have objected, and the OSU nurses union has stated that forcing individuals to get vaccinated will backfire.

In a letter to the medical center, Rick Lucas, president of the OSU Nurses Organization, said, “Mandating vaccines without discussion will only result in more individuals abandoning the bedside at a time when staffing levels are already low following the trauma of the past year.”

The immunization policy at OSU applies to all teachers, staff, and students who are currently required to receive an annual flu shot. On Tuesday, it became Ohio’s third health-care system to announce the policy’s implementation. Before October 15, everyone who is needed to get vaccinated must have received at least one dose or have an official exemption.

In the beginning of July, Mount Carmel Health Center became the first hospital system in Central Ohio to announce that staff would be forced to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Staff members being vaccinated against COVID-19 will help health care systems respond to the pandemic, protect patients from infection, and minimize the transmission of the virus within the facility and among family and friends, according to the Ohio Hospital Association.

Hospitals that elected to impose a required vaccination policy were encouraged to develop a mechanism for determining suitable exemptions, educate hesitant employees, and provide paid time for immunization and recovery.

The union wants to agree on compensation for missed work owing to the vaccine’s negative effects, according to Lucas’ letter. They also want to talk about the rollout timeframe, exceptions, and what disciplinary consequences the institution will take if someone refuses. This is a condensed version of the information.


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