Netherlands In a Lockdown Appeal, a Doctor Warns That Health Care Rationing Is Just 10 Days Away.


Netherlands In a Lockdown Appeal, a Doctor Warns That Health Care Rationing Is Just 10 Days Away.

The Netherlands is 10 days away from doctors selecting whether individuals should be treated in hospitals following a COVID-19 outbreak, according to the Associated Press.

Diederik Gommers, the president of the national association of intensive care units, told lawmakers that hospitals are overflowing with COVID-19 patients, and that intensive care doctors will soon have to make difficult decisions about which critically ill patients will be treated and which will not.

Gommers demanded a harsher lockdown on Tuesday, including the closure of schools. Since November 13, the country has been on a partial lockdown.

Many ICU staff are currently unable to work because to illness or because they have children who have tested positive and must self-quarantine, according to Gommers, putting additional strain on hospitals.

Children aged 5 to 11 have the highest infection rates in the country over the recent week. According to the country’s public health department, infections have increased by 39% in the last week.

In regions where COVID credentials are not necessary, the Dutch government made social distancing essential for all adults on Wednesday. Restaurants, bars, and supermarkets were ordered to close by 8 p.m., and non-essential establishments by 6 p.m., due to the partial lockdown.

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The government has already strongly recommended social distance, which involves staying 1.5 meters away from persons who are not members of one’s family. If it is made required, law enforcement officers will be able to fine those who do not comply.

Hugo de Jonge, the Minister of Health, announced that a news conference on coronavirus measures that was scheduled on December 3 has been pushed back to Friday.

De Jonge told reporters in The Hague, “The image is dark and disturbing.”

In recent weeks, the Netherlands has experienced a rise, with a run of new daily records for coronavirus infections. Admissions to hospitals and intensive care units also increased.

“The reversal that we want—have to see this week…to ensure that pressure on the healthcare system does not get too high,” De Jonge said, “must occur soon or we will have to force it.”

The administration has requested input from an expert panel and “hopes to make choices Friday,” according to De Jonge.

In the Netherlands, there are approximately 500 COVID-19 patients. This is a condensed version of the information.


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