NELK-Boys and Donald Trump meet on Air Force One in a viral YouTube video.


A group of YouTubers spread virally after creating a video of their meeting with Donald Trump on board Air Force One.

The group from Canada, which calls itself the NELK Boys, has nearly six million YouTube subscribers and specializes in pranks.

The trio consists of Jesse Sebastiani, Kyle Forgeard and Steve Deleonardis and they are known for their outrageous pranks.

On an early November 3rd, the group uploaded a new video to the platform with the simple title: “Meeting Donald Trump on Air Force One! It had been viewed 2,150,564 times at the time of release.

The 30-minute video shows the gang traveling to the plane and following Trump supporters along the way, claiming to be burning ballots sent by Joe Biden supporters.

After meeting Trump, the president says to NELK: “You have a really great future, maybe one day some of you will fly with [Air Force One] as President of the United States, right? As you do, so good luck.”

Previously, NELK attended a Trump rally in Bullhead City, Arizona, on October 28, where they were invited on stage by the President while dancing at the “YMCA”.

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Has the YMCA just with @realdonaldtrump ððð “ðºð¸

A joint contribution by NELK (@nelkboys) on 28 October 2020 at 14:46 PDT

This clip was shared on the group’s instagram, where it has since received nearly five million views.

“Just pep up the YMCA with @realdonaldtrump,” says the headline.

In early October, NELK were thwarted in their efforts to derail a political rally when the secret service intervened.

They had planned to organize a rally of “fighters against socialism” in Florida, but were held up at the airport.

In September, they were thrown out of a September rally after following the participants in a video that ended up receiving over 6 million hits.

The response to the Air Force One video was mixed, with some of the group applauding because they had managed to board the president’s private plane, while others were disappointed with their support for Trump.

One fan responded: “Brother, when I see how big they’ve grown, I’m glad that they came out of nowhere to meet the president of the United States?! how wtf it’s so amazing, and that’s just the essence of nelk.”

When I see how big they’ve grown, I’m happy that they came out of nowhere to meet the President of the United States now… it’s just amazing and that’s just the essence of carnation” ð

– james (@Aye_itsJames) November 3, 2020

While another one added: “Unfollowing on every thing”.

Unfollowing on every thing.

– Brandon (@seven0_one) November 3, 2020

The singer Jeff Bernat questioned whether the group trotted with their devotion to the encounter with Trump, tweeting: “Wait, I’m watching the Nelk vlog right now, I think they troll lol.

Wait Iâm watching the Nelk vlog I think theyâre trolling lol

– Jeff Bernat (@jeffbernat) November 3, 2020

Another tweet reads: “I don’t think there is anyone in the world bigger than @nelkboys on YouTube at the moment”.

I don’t believe that there is anybody in the world who is bigger than @nelkboys on Youtube.

– A balanced breakfast. (@KirvinMosquit) November 3, 2020…


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