NCIS New Orleans’ Season 7: When it starts and how to watch online.


NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 is the latest show from the CBS autumn cast to return to the station. After the last season was shortened, the NCIS spin-off starring Scott Bakula returns this November for a slightly shorter season filmed during the coronavirus pandemic.

When NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 begins

NCIS: The first episode of NOLA Season 7 will air on CBS on Sunday, November 8 at 21:30 ET / 20:30 CT. Although the season begins with a double episode, “Something in the Air” parts 1 and 2, these episodes will be broadcast once a week.

Season 7 is also expected to be shorter than previous seasons of NCIS: New Orleans. While the regular seasons of the series had 24 episodes, only 16 episodes will be broadcast this coming season, as film restrictions related to the coronavirus make production of the series both more expensive and more time-consuming.

This means that the season will start late, but should end around May 2021, the usual time in the year the series releases its season finale.

See NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 online

After episodes of NCIS: NOLA Season 7 have aired on CBS, they should go to the station’s website, where they will probably be available for a short time to watch for free with advertising.

After that time they will only be available on CBS All Access. Access to the streamer costs $5.99 per month with so-called “restricted commercials” or $9.99 for ad-free viewing.

In the meantime, for $59.99 or $99.99, viewers can watch CBS All Access for a year with or without advertising. This gives viewers access not only to every previous episode of NCIS New Orleans, but also thousands of hours of other CBS programming, including All Access originals such as The Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery and The Twilight Zone.

What will happen in NCIS: New Orleans Season 7?

While NCIS: Los Angeles has made a time leap to completely bypass the COVID era, the first episode of NOLA will be set in the early days of the pandemic. Loretta actor CCH Pounder told TVLine that the episode “will be the first part of the [pandemic]with masks and people saying, ‘No, I’m fine! I don’t need to wear a mask … [it]reflects in a remarkable way how terrible New Orleans was until our mayor, with the help of her governor, put her foot down and was very, very strict.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 broadcasts Sunday, November 8 at 21:30 ET / 20:30 CT on CBS….


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