My Heart Told Me To Go”: 81-year-old Italian serenades his hospitalized wife with his accordion.


Love knows no boundaries, even in times of the coronavirus. Stefan Bozzini, an 81-year-old man in Italy, was recently unable to visit his wife Carla Sacchi in hospital because of the COVID-19 restrictions in force. On Sunday, he decided to express his love in a special way by playing the accordion outside her window.

Sacchi, his 47-year-old wife, was in hospital in Castel San Giovanni, a village in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, and was examined for suspected cancer. The hospital did not treat the coronavirus, but does not allow patients to visit to prevent possible spread of the coronavirus.

Bozzini made her way to the courtyard to serenade her from the window of her hospital room. As reported by CNN, he tapped his foot during his performance and even waved to her and others watching from above (everyone was wearing face masks).

“I did it for Carla to show her how much I love her and to thank her for everything she has given me,” Bozzini told the Irish Post Office, adding, “I couldn’t see her in the hospital and so I went into the courtyard with the accordion – my heart told me to go. After she heard the music, she looked out of the window so that at least I could see her”.

CNN reported that Bozzini was sitting on a stool, wearing a feathered cap, a red sweater, navy pants and of course a mask.

Bozzini serenaded his wife with Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Spanish Eyes”.

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He told the Irish Post that Carla was “so in love with this song” and that he constantly played it to her at home. “I played others that everybody knows, one song after another, I didn’t stop. Many of the sick people in the hospital looked out their windows.”

Sacchi, 74, was in the hospital for 10 days. She underwent tests for what the doctors thought was cancer. She was released from the hospital on Monday, the day after her husband gave her a personal concert.

“They offered to take her home in an ambulance. I said no, I’ll come right away to pick her up,” Bozzini continued. “We are at each other’s side the whole time. The illness she has is very serious and must now be treated in a specialized hospital.

He also said that music is a great outlet for people to stay positive. “I love music, and when I play the accordion, it brings fun and happiness everywhere,” Bozzini enthused according to The Guardian. “What is happening in the world right now is so terrible that we need music to lift the spirits”.


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