Monsta X’s new single “Kiss or Death” comes with a new music video.


Monsta X’s new single “Kiss or Death” comes with a new music video.

Monsta X, a K-pop boy band, released their new single “Kiss or Death” on Monday, accompanied with a music video for the song.

On Monday at 6 p.m. KST on the Universe YouTube channel, a preview of the song and music video, which was launched via Universe, a new Korean mobile app and web platform, was presented.

According to South Korea’s The Dong A Ilbo and other local media, the entire version of the music video was released only through the Universe app.

According to the Universe Twitter account, the new song is available for download on a variety of music outlets, including Apple Music and Spotify.

The new single starts out with compelling bass tones, followed by a forceful rap passage from Joohoney and I.M, before transitioning to an appealing pop song melody.

The video has a theatrical vibe to it, as it begins on a dark moving train and then moves to a future spaceship environment.

The time travel premise of the video will remind viewers of the band’s previous 2017 EP The Code, which had a time travel motif as well (especially the music video for the album’s main track “Dramarama”), as well as their 2018 EP The Connect (for which they previously released a music film that also features a moving train setting).

Monsta X’s official Twitter account asked: “Monbebe [the collective moniker for Monsta X followers]How was Kiss or Death?” on Monday (signed off with a hashtag spelling out Joohoney’s name in Korean). Have we ripped it to shreds? #,” as well as photographs of Joohoney.

Shownu, the band’s leader, is featured in the new music video for “Kiss or Death,” which was released last week. In South Korea, all men are required to serve in the military.


July 26, 2021 UNIVERSE OFFICIAL (@into universe)

The release of “Kiss or Death” comes on the heels of the band’s ninth EP, One of a Kind, which was released on June 1 and featured the title track “Gambler.”

On June 11, the Korea Joongang Daily revealed that “Gambler” had made it onto the Billboard World. This is a condensed version of the information.


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