Monoliths: a timeline of mysterious objects that appear and disappear again and again


One can practically hear the Twilight Zone theme music and Rod Serling’s monologue, which begins as soon as more monoliths appear. With the discovery of a third monolith in California on Wednesday, there are many more questions than answers.

This phenomenon has caught the attention of the social media, and everyone is wondering where exactly these large metal structures come from, what they are, and where the next one will appear.

Naturally, some people want to believe that they were dropped off by aliens to communicate with the human race (fingers crossed), while others suspect that it’s more of an art project aimed at causing a stir online. Of course, the anomalies have inspired Meme.

If you collect all monoliths and put them together, you will get this

– American Propagandist (@ArmyString) December 3, 2020

Mysterious monoliths solved! #MidnightFM

– Derek (@tiredoframen) December 2, 2020

It is unclear where the next monolith will appear (or if another monolith will appear at all), but there is still a lot to unpack.

November 18: First monolith found in Utah

Mysterious metal monolith discovered in Utah disappears

– The Hill (@thehill) November 30, 2020

The first structure was found in a red rock bay while the Utah Department of Public Safety was making an overflight. A biologist discovered the monolith and told pilot Bret Hutchings to turn around and land, according to local station KSL TV. Hutchings told KSL that he thought it was between three and twelve meters tall and theorized that NASA might have something to do with it, but later suggested it was a work of art or a contribution from a Stanley Kubrick fan. “I suppose it was a New Wave artist or something like that or someone who was a big (2001: A Space Odyssey) fan,” he said.

November 27: Utah Monolith disappears (Sorta)

Only to fuel the theories that aliens were trying to signal us earthlings, the Utah monolith disappeared just days after news of its existence became known. Unfortunately, the answer is far less mysterious.






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A joint contribution by Sylvan Christensen (@sylvanslacks)

A video on Instagram indicated that four men dismantled and removed the structure in an effort to “leave no trace”. In a caption on Instagram, one of the men who removed it said the group was disappointed to remove it and that, although they support artists, the area was not prepared for “the damage caused by the Internet sensationalism and subsequent reaction of the world”.

“This country was not physically prepared for the population shift (especially during a pandemic),” he wrote, explaining that people used different means of transportation to get there, suggesting that people had done more damage to the area by visiting it, and pointing out that there were no garbage cans or toilets.

November 27: Romania Monolith appears

In Romania a new #Monolith was discovered, which looks similar to the one in Utah. This one was clearly thrown together with visible seams within a few hours. but I like the spirit.

– It is full of stars (@IFOS9000) November 30, 2020

Just as the monolith from Utah was dismantled, a similar structure was built in Romania. According to Sky News it was found in Piatra Neamt. People on Twitter noted that although the two are similar in size and shape, there are significant differences. Most people said that although the piece from Utah was smooth, its Romanian counterpart looked like it was assembled quite quickly.

The monolith from Utah has visible screws and seams, the Romanian one looks like a sad art project with terrible welding skills and a kind of texture that was clearly made with a sander that is normally seen on every apartment door in Bushwick. Foreigners, please improve your buffering technique. Rating

– Claudia Rojas (@Panterita) 30 November 2020

December 1: Romania Monolith mysteriously disappears

Only a few days after its appearance, the Romanian monolith also mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a small hole, according to Reuters. Unlike in Utah, there is no logical explanation for the disappearance of the Romanian monolith, although local authorities are investigating why it was there in the first place. Let’s hope that it was aliens!

December 2: Californian obelisk appears


There is currently a monolith on top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero!

(Photos from @Atownreporter)

– Connor Allen (@ConnorCAllen) December 2, 2020

On Wednesday, an Atascadero News reporter tweeted photos of a new monolith found on Atascadero’s Pine Mountain. Atascadero News reported that the structure was 10 feet high and 18 inches wide, and that unlike the piece in Utah, it was not attached to the ground and could be knocked over (maybe the aliens are getting lazy).

Although the fate of this structure is unclear, one should not be surprised if it is lost in the next few days (especially if it can be easily knocked over).

Although the monoliths are in an interesting contrast to the nature in which they are found, it seems that they are (unfortunately) not related to each other. Even though I am in favor of secret alien communication, it seems that the first one was a work of art and the other two were imitators. Hopefully it’s not just a viral marketing scheme, as The Daily Beast suggested.

Nevertheless, you should continue to promote the alien invasion until the end of the year: #AlienMonolithInvasion2020.


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