Mom’ Season 8: What Anna Faris’ co-stars said about her departure.


In Mom season 8, Christy (played by Anna Faris) leaves law school after the actor who plays her suddenly announced her departure earlier this year. Anna Faris has dropped out of the show, but Mom continues with the remaining cast, which includes Oscar-winning actress Allison Janney.

Janney and other co-stars of Mom, such as Mimi Kennedy and Jamie Pressly, have spoken about Farris’ departure from the CBS comedy.

Most of these comments were taken from an interview with Entertainment Tonight. In it, Janney listed the tributes to Farris and said, “It’s a great loss to the show to not have Anna…we’re going to miss her so much.

“I think I will miss the relationship between Bonnie and Christy most of all for me, even if it will continue. But she will not be present. That’s what I’ll miss.”

Pressly added: “She hasn’t gone as far as we have, and we’ve all spent so much time together over the years and love and support each other and we all want to be happy, so we’re happy for her and miss her no matter what.

Kennedy’s attitude about Farris leaving was as follows: “I had the dressing room next to her and played her sponsor. And I learned how smart she is… and I really, really enjoyed talking to her. She was also very funny and very witty, and I’m gonna miss that.”

Wendy actress Beth Hall added: “The thing about Anna was that she was always so encouraging. If you were funny, if you did a great scene, she was always the first to compliment you and tell you how well it went.

The crew also had positive things to say about her, suggesting that reports of the bitterness caused by her sudden departure may have been exaggerated. For example, show runner Gemma Baker told Entertainment Weekly: “When we first heard that Anna was leaving Mom, we were naturally sad to lose her. Anna has created such a beautiful character in Christy Plunkett. And we loved writing the mother-daughter dynamics for Christy and Bonnie and watching that relationship deepen and heal over the years.

After Farris’ departure was announced, Warner Bros. TV, CBS, and Chuck Lorre Productions released a statement saying, “Since Mom’s early days, Anna was the first and only choice for the role of Christy… We are so proud of the stories we have been able to tell during the seven years Anna has been with us. We wish Anna all the best and thank her for her beautiful performance.

Farris herself, however, has not made any public statements about leaving the show since her first statement in September, which stated, “The last seven years with Mom have been among the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career. I am so grateful to Chuck, the writers and my amazing acting colleagues for creating a truly wonderful work experience. As my journey as Christy comes to an end and I can pursue new opportunities, I will be watching the next season and keeping my fingers crossed for my television family”.

Mom Season 8 will be broadcast on Thursdays at 21:00 ET / 20:00 CT on CBS….


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