Megyn Kelly is labeled a “bully” by a Sports Illustrated editor for criticizing Naomi Osaka’s cover.


Megyn Kelly is labeled a “bully” by a Sports Illustrated editor for criticizing Naomi Osaka’s cover.

A Sports Illustrated editor calls Megyn Kelly a “bully” for criticizing Naomi Osaka’s cover.

Following Megyn Kelly’s criticism of Naomi Osaka’s Sports Illustrated cover shoot, the swimsuit issue’s editor has responded.

Osaka, a three-time Grand Slam winner, pulled out of the French Open in May, citing mental health difficulties that made post-match press conferences difficult. She then reconsidered her decision to compete at Wimbledon.

However, once Osaka was confirmed as one of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue cover stars, alongside rapper Megan Thee Stallion and model Leyna Bloom, Kelly took to Twitter to express her displeasure.

“Since stating she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis triumphs, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI swimsuit edition,” OutKick CEO Clay Travis wrote on Twitter.

“Let’s not forget the Vogue Japan cover (and interview in Time Magazine!)!” In reaction to this tweet, Kelly said.

The swimsuit edition’s editor, M.J. Day, has now dubbed Kelly a “bully” for her comments, telling the People Every Day podcast that Osaka had done “nothing wrong.”

Day told host Janine Rubenstein, “First and foremost, we did that session back in December of 2020,” implying that Osaka posed for the photos months before reporting her mental health difficulties.

On her Instagram Story, Day told Kelly to “direct your anger somewhere else,” saying, “It’s such bullying and it’s so unnecessary, and this woman did nothing wrong.”

I replied, ‘You know what, you’re journalists.’ Why don’t you do your job and fact check instead of leaping all over this woman for publicity?’

Kelly’s comments about the tennis player, according to Day, are “part of the problem” in mental health talks.

“How about we do our homework and make sure we understand the situation before we go hunting for people,” she continued.

“It broke my heart to observe someone who is actually dedicating her life to the betterment of others while attempting to pursue her own loves, which are tennis and fashion,” Day concluded. “It’s best if you leave her alone. Allow her to make decisions based on what is best for her. It’s entirely free.”

Kelly was also retaliated against by Osaka, who commented, “Seeing as you’re a journalist I would’ve assumed,” in a since-deleted tweet. The following is a condensed version of the data.


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