Meghan Markle may follow Prince Harry’s lead and pen a candid memoir.


Meghan Markle may follow Prince Harry’s lead and pen a candid memoir.

If the Sussexes decide to follow in the Obamas’ footsteps with his and her autobiographies, Meghan Markle may write a “fascinating” biography, according to an expert.

According to Professor Jonathan Shalit, creator of the InterTalent Rights Group in the United Kingdom, the Duchess of Sussex has a “wonderful tale to share” and “the world is tremendously interested.”

His remarks follow Prince Harry’s announcement earlier this week that he is working on a book that will be published by Penguin Random House at the end of 2022.

Much of the couple’s post-royal lives appear to mirror those of the Obamas, with both signing up as guest speakers with Harry Walker Agency and launching television firms with Netflix deals.

The Obamas, on the other hand, have written separate autobiographies, Michelle’s titled Becoming and Barack’s titled A Promised Land, both published by Crown, an imprint of the same publishing business as Harry.

“I think the world is really interested in their tale, so I think there may be a Meghan memoir,” Shalit told This website, “but I suspect much of Harry’s biography would incorporate Meghan’s story, because they’ve become intertwined.”

“Meghan has a fantastic story to tell. She is, without a doubt, a very successful Suits actress who is adored by many people all over the world. I’m sure Meghan’s memoir would be intriguing.

“The Obamas would be excellent advisers because they have set great standards all around the world.

“I believe they are getting advise from some very knowledgeable individuals if the Obamas are advising them.”

Harry’s memoirs were leaked to the New York Post on Tuesday, and the story was plastered over the main page.

According to this website, Eric Schiffer, head of Reputation Management Consultants, believes Meghan will want to write her own memoir.

“I believe the strategic plan is for them to write separate books,” he stated. They’ll monetize at a higher level, and you could see a combined book about their individual experiences in some type of exciting modern form that would appeal to young people at some time, and they might even top the Obamas altogether.”

If Meghan decides to write her own memoir, she will almost certainly face blowback in the United Kingdom, as she has in the past with much of what the Sussexes do publicly.

She will, however, have supporters. This is a condensed version of the information.


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