Mark Hamill Cameo ‘The Mandalorian’ Has ‘Star Wars’ Fans in Raptures


In the Season 2 final, as Mark Hamill a.k.a., the Mandalorian fans got the cameo to end all cameos. Finally, Luke Skywalker himself made an appearance.

With cameos and iconic characters from Ashoka of Rosario Dawson to Boba Fett of Temuera Morrison, season two of the Star Wars spin-off was full to the brim.

A young CGI version of the iconic character of Hamill turned up to give Grogu (The Child/Baby Yoda) to learn in the ways of the Jedi, causing quite the reaction of the beloved franchise’s die-hard fans.

Despite some fan service complaints, including the analysis of Washington Newsday, many fans were overjoyed to see this familiar face, even though it was uncannily CGI’d to high heaven.

“What an amazing ‘feels so good moment. I just cried. #TheMandalorian,” one fan tweeted.

What an extraordinary “feels so good moment. I just wept. #TheMandalorian #LukeSkywalker @HamillHimself

Passi (@FrknRngmonster) 18/12/2020


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