Many happy returns to Lucy Liu’s birthday! What the single mother said about parenthood


And Lucy Liu can do it all. She is an incredible actress, has directed several television series and is a talented artist. The star of the Charlie’s Angels welcomed her biological son, Rockwell Lloyd, as a surrogate mother in August 2015.

May 2016 marked the beginning of Liu’s decision to become a surrogate mother. “It just seemed like the right option for me because I was working and didn’t know when I could stop,” said Liu, who was over 40 years old at the time. “I decided that this was probably the best solution for me and it turned out to be great.

Let me introduce you to the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In !

– Lucy Liu (@LucyLiu) August 27, 2015

She also said TODAY that the key was for her to ask for help when she needed it. “I asked for a lot of help and I was not shy,” Liu explained. “I had no ego to take care of him,” Liu explained. I want him to feel comfortable when he is with me and not with me. When we go to the set, there is a community that takes care of him. This is good because he sees different faces.

Liu added that there is no real formula for what a perfect family is and that the most important thing is to love your child. “That doesn’t necessarily mean getting married, having a child and moving to the suburbs. It’s about how you love your child and how you take care of it.


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In the past, Liu has kept her romantic relationships quite private. According to Us Weekly she was romantically involved with George Clooney, Noam Gottesman, Zach Helm (with whom she was once engaged) and Will McCormack. In early 2010, she also met Israeli hedge fund billionaire Noam Gottesman, but in 2014 she was cut off.

Liu has not revealed the identity of the father of her baby, but why should that be important? She is a caring mother, and she loves her family just the way it is. According to the guide for single mothers, 80 percent of single parent families are led by mothers.


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