Madonna Responds to Plastic Surgery Criticism with a Post: ‘Shut the F*** Up!’


Madonna Responds to Plastic Surgery Criticism with a Post: ‘Shut the F*** Up!’

Madonna has acquired a reputation for speaking her opinion in the decades since she established her tremendously successful pop career.

In reaction to a harsh statement regarding plastic surgery, the singer let one of her impersonators do the talking on Thursday, uploading a video of “Madonna Masquerade” singing, “Oh my God, just shut the f*** up.”

The Instagram video featured the comment, which read: “hahahahaha u should be worrying about ur face lifts not my spelling,” as the impersonator spoke the words over a dancing rhythm.

On Instagram, the real Madonna published a video of the impostor singing with her 16 million followers, captioning it, “Some Really Good Advice…….. @madonnamasquerade.”

On May 30, the impostor shared her video. It’s unclear whether the comment about plastic surgery was directed at Madonna or the impersonator, but Madonna Masquerade had commented on Instagram the day before to change the spelling of another message from the same account. “TO OLD,” read the previous message. “Get out of here.”

Madonna’s representative has been contacted by Washington Newsday for comment.

Madonna Masquerade posted a story on Friday from a publication that had incorrectly reported that the singer was in the video.

The impostor responded to the title “Madonna Responds To Facelift Rumors” with the words “STOP IT!!!” and a sequence of laughing emojis.

Madonna, who is 62 years old, has never acknowledged or denied having cosmetic surgery.

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