Lucy Lawless explains why she called Kevin Sorbo “Chicken.”


Lucy Lawless explains why she called Kevin Sorbo “Chicken.”

Lucy Lawless isn’t interested in extremism. Off-screen as much as on, the Xena actress has shown herself a warrior, never shying away from speaking her ideas.

In January, the 53-year-old actress made headlines when she called out her former co-star Kevin Sorbo for promoting a pro-Trump conspiracy theory.

“Those folks who just foment evil from a distance, I think they ought to be called out,” Lawless remarked in an interview with The Washington Newsday this week about the feud with Sorbo. That’s all there was to it.” “I think extremism is incredibly harmful, and individuals who foster extremism but don’t truly own it are chickens***,” she added.

“At the very least, that jerk—the shaman at the [Capitol] riots—had his complete name, face, and body there, so he was held accountable.”

On Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Sorbo played the eponymous hero, and he returned the role in the spin-off Xena: Warrior Princess, starring Lawless. For years, the former co-stars have been locked in a fight over their politics and personal lives.

Sorbo’s reps have been contacted for comment by Washington Newsday.

Meanwhile, in the face of the climate crisis, Lawless is asking for unity.

She told The Washington Newsday, “I believe very strongly that we need to draw to the middle with what’s facing all of our civilizations with catastrophic climate change.”

“It means there’s no time to start breaking into hostile, small groups that wish to exclude others.” We’ll have to work together as a group.” For the debut of her animated film, The Spine of Night, which she calls as a “weird, dark little jewel,” Lawless sat down with The Washington Newsday. The actress was lured to the film because it was “simply so wacky,” she remarked. “I find it appealing. “I want to be a part of something strange, and it’s new again,” she explained. “And I think today’s youth, Generation Z, want to discover things for themselves.” The film is a bloody fantasy epic about ancient dark magic falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on humanity for millennia. “A collection of heroes from various times and cultures must band together in order to defeat it at all costs,” according to the official synopsis. According to Lawless. This is a condensed version of the information.


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