‘Luca’: 10 Fun Facts About Disney+’s New Fishy Friend


‘Luca’: 10 Fun Facts About Disney+’s New Fishy Friend

Luca is just like any other adolescent. He has a strong desire for adventure, is energetic, and has a vivid imagination. The primary distinction is that he’s a sea monster who lives off the coast of Italy.

Pixar’s latest film Luca is released on Disney+ today, telling the story of an unlikely friendship that grows between a human and a sea creature disguised as a human.

If you want to learn more about Luca before watching it on Disney+, here are some fun facts to get you started.

Jacob Tremblay provides the voice of Luca.

Jacob Tremblay, one of Hollywood’s hardest working kids, plays the titular Luca Paguro. Before starring in films like Wonder and Good Boys, he got his big break in 2015’s Room.

The casting has pleased director Ernest Casarosa. “There’s a genuineness about Jacob,” Luca said in his press notes. He’s a natural at playing nervous and courteous people who strive to please others. He’s a fantastic actor.”

Luca’s family is a hoot.

Luca is a member of the Paguro family, who all have comedic backgrounds. Luca’s mom Daniela is voiced by Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids actress Maya Rudolph. Comedian Jim Gaffigan (The Jim Gaffigan Show) voices his dad Lorenzo.

His Uncle Ugo is voiced by Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, and editor Catherine Apple says his improvising often changed a scene. She said: He wanted to try a bunch of approaches to see which one worked but it was hard to decide which way to go—and the scene got a little bigger once he recorded.”

The look of Luca

Pixar isknown for their amazing attention to detail and imaginative character design. They’ve outdone themselves once again when you look at Luca in his sea monster form. Don’t try to count them, but he has an impressive 3,436 scales on his body.

Authentic burping

When Luca gobbles up his first plate of pasta, he unleashes a burp after he’s done. Tremblay was happy to perform this sound effect himself as burping on command is apparently a special skill of the actor.

Underwater chores

One of Luca’s chores underwater on his family farm, is herding goatfish. This is especially appropriate for the film’s location, as there are several real-life. This is a brief summary.


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