‘Love Is Blind’ is a popular song. Cameron and Lauren Hamilton Persuade Viewers That Love Exists


‘Love Is Blind’ is a popular song. Cameron and Lauren Hamilton Persuade Viewers That Love Exists

With the release of Netflix’s Love Is Blind: After the Alter, Love Is Blind is back on our screens.

The dating show that gripped the world more than a year ago has returned to give viewers an update on the cast, including who has stayed together and who still can’t be in the same room together.

In the midst of all the drama, heartbreak, and unrequited love, Lauren and Cameron Hamilton stand out as remarkable success stories.

After celebrating their second wedding anniversary in November of last year, the pair is entering their third year of marriage. After meeting on the reality show and falling in love, they married in 2018.

They’ve even authored a book together about finding love called “Leap of Faith: Finding Love The Modern Way,” in addition to remaining incredibly in love.

They’ve also discussed starting a family, with Cameron Hamilton telling Essence, “We’ve discussed wanting to have kids on our own timeframe.” It can be difficult to simply refocus the attention back on us rather than what everyone else has to say.”

In the interim, they’ve adopted Sparks, a new puppy they’ve named jointly.

“Hanging With the Hamiltons” is the name of their YouTube channel.

The pair recently discussed learning to live and work together, as well as the hurdles that entails.

Lauren Hamilton told The New York Post, “We had to discover our rhythm of just being together — whether it was in personal space, how we prefer to wash clothes, or leaving dishes in the sink.” “We have struggled and triumphed in our lives. It’s critical for us to keep working at it and look for the silver lining in any disagreements we have.”

The lovebirds give fans a glimpse into their home life in After the Altar, causing social media users to congratulate the couple on their happy marriage.

One tweet reads, “Watching the new #LoveIsBlind episodes and immediately remembering why Cameron and Lauren are so beautiful.”

While watching the new #LoveIsBlind episodes, I was reminded of why Cameron and Lauren are such a great couple.


July 28, 2021 — Brittany Lovelady (@littlelady 28)

“I am,” another person added. This is a condensed version of the information.


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