Lose weight through this daily morning routine.


Most older people should know the wisdom: The early bird catches the worm. This also seems to be especially true for sports training in connection with weight loss. According to the results of the study, training in the morning can lead to significantly higher weight loss compared to training later in the day.

Morning exercise can result in increased weight loss compared to training later in the day, according to a study involving researchers from the University of Colorado. The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Morning exercise appears to be particularly effective for weight loss. The training does not have to be particularly intensive. Even light physical activity in the morning can lead to a change in thinking and eating habits for the rest of the day.

Weight loss through morning exercise

During the examination, the participants underwent a 10-month supervised training program. They were encouraged to do exercises either between 7:00 and 11:59 or between 15:00 and 19:00.

Increased weight loss through morning exercise

The results showed that after ten months, the group that went to training at the earlier times lost significantly more weight than the group with a later training. The researchers therefore conclude that the timing of training can be important in regulating body weight.

During the study, participants were primarily asked to jog or walk on a treadmill, but there were also occasional changes of activity (such as cycling or walking outside). If participants were interested in a morning exercise routine, the type of exercise should be determined first and it was important that the exercise was fun. For example, if you do not like running, you do not need to start running. In this case, another more suitable training should be chosen, emphasize the researchers.

If you like your athletic training, it will be more fun and improve your mood. This can make a big difference, especially if you start your day this way, the research team continues. For example, walking, cycling, online fitness programs with free weights, yoga and Pilates are suitable for morning training.

It’s also important to energize your body after training so that you don’t feel starved all day long. After training, it’s a good idea to have a nutritious meal. At best, this should contain proteins, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. Above all, the intake of protein after training is important for weight loss and for building or maintaining muscles.

When it comes to protein, it is important to make sure that it is consumed as soon as possible after training. Protein helps to repair the muscles after fine cracks in the fibres have been caused, for example, by training with weights, and contributes to muscle building. The intake of amino acids is also important to ensure that the muscles are properly repaired and built up.

The results of a study by Texas A&M University show that the body uses more calories for protein metabolism than fat and carbohydrates. Protein helps you feel full for a longer period of time after training and more calories are lost. In other words, as the day progresses, you will not eat as much and will lose weight more easily.

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