Life After ‘Squid Game’ and Wi Ha-Dream jun’s of Becoming the Next James Bond


Life After ‘Squid Game’ and Wi Ha-Dream jun’s of Becoming the Next James Bond

Following the remarkable global success of the gripping Netflix K-drama Squid Game, actor Wi Ha-jun, who plays detective Hwang Jun-ho, shot to international celebrity.

He’s wowed fans with his impeccable acting skills and built physique, which was recently showcased across the pages of Men’s Health Korea. He has over 9 million Instagram followers (including Dan Levy, Jimmy Fallon, and French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the luxury fashion house Balmain).

Wi’s sudden celebrity, on the other hand, may only be the start of an even better career ahead, with his sights set on Hollywood—possibly even as the next James Bond.

Hollywood and Action Films

In his first interview with a major American media, Wi told The Washington Newsday, “If given the opportunity, I would definitely love to work in Hollywood.”

“It’s very difficult to select one since there are so many fantastic directors,” the actor said when asked which Hollywood directors he’d most like to work with.

“However, I enjoy action movies, therefore I’d love to collaborate with directors on projects like 007, Mission Impossible, and Fast & Furious,” Wi added.

“I want to try as many action films as I can and demonstrate that sort of performance,” the actor stated, before the physicality of the genre becomes too demanding.

“But it would also be fun to get into my rural island roots [Wi is from Wando, an island/county in South Korea’s South Jeolla province] and try a role that necessitates a little local dialect and accent.”

The Squid Game star has come a long way from his humble beginnings as an aspiring actor, when he “didn’t even have money for bus ticket.” Countless failed auditions plagued the actor’s career at one point, leading to “pervasive feelings of sadness,” he remembered.

Wi’s life could have gone in a different direction if he hadn’t pursued his first love of dancing. “I’ve loved dancing since I was in junior high,” says the dancer. “Some buddies and I created a dance club in high school, and we used to perform at school functions,” the actor remarked.

His passion for dance encouraged him to explore pursuing a career as a K-pop idol.

The exhilaration of being on stage and receiving applause is irresistible. This is a condensed version of the information.


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