Lawyer Responded to All Emails, Embarrassing Colleague, Splits Internet


Lawyer Responded to All Emails, Embarrassing Colleague, Splits Internet

One Redditor is seeking advise from the internet over a recent alleged professional faux pas, and the response has been mixed.

In a post that has received over 12,000 votes, the Redditor, who goes by the nickname Born-Replacement-366, claimed he’s not sure if he did the right thing while dealing with a rebellious colleague.

According to the billboard, he works as an in-house lawyer for a multinational corporation. He claims that someone in the sales department continues to copy him on email chains requesting legal counsel from “external related organizations.”

The Redditor commented, “He does this without any polite heads-up prior, user any context supplied.”

There are three reasons to use the reply-all function on an email, according to LinkedIn: “You have pertinent inquiries,” “your response may have a direct impact on others,” or “you’re planning a small group gathering.” The writer emphasized in a column for The Guardian that utilizing the reply-all tool is “almost never” suitable. “In this case, I believe it is vitally necessary to respond to everyone: “You discover the office is on fire just as a company-wide email arrives in your inbox, and you don’t have time to create a new all-staff email [‘Subject line: Fire’],” Elle Hunt wrote for The Guardian in 2017. This Redditor didn’t appear to have read Hunt’s article.

The Redditor added that he tried to be diplomatic about the situation at first, informing the colleague that these organizations have their own legal departments and warning them that they would be exposing their company to “unnecessary risk exposure.”

Born-Replacement-366 commented, “I would also be abandoning luxury.” “He said he understood, but that he would do the same thing in a few weeks.” He stated the tipping point came when a coworker copied him on a thread with a corporation with which their company could potentially have a problem. He stated that he eliminated all external parties from the post and responded to all of the remaining employees.

“You have to STOP putting your legal counsel into the middle of email threads with external parties without any heads-up or context,” he wrote. “It is NOT my responsibility to counsel our company, but it is my job to do so.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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